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Story stones are so SIMPLE and INEXPENSIVE to make.

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

My latest obsession! Story stones.

If you have read any of my other BLOGS you will know that I have had many an obsession!

From lightpads, suitcase set ups , posting tins craft sticks. This obsession has been a long time in coming as the stones (resin) took months to come to New Zealand. But the Tuscan stones are finally at Bunnings in New Zealand for $11.25.

You need very little else and they are inexpensive. You will have a printer, paper, paint brush and scissors. You may only need to buy mod podge and a gloss waterproof sealer. The sealer is not necessary but helps prevent the stones sticking together and last longer.

The first set I made was for 10 little robots.

I photocopied the back of the book, enlarging it by 45% and cut out the robots leaving a small white edge. I put a thin layer of mod podge (I use matt but gloss would work too) all over the top of the stone and then placed the image on and covered it with a thin layer. I left it to dry (it is fast, less than 2 hours) and added another layer or two. I left them to dry for 24 hours and then sprayed with the gloss sealer (as the stones are glossy).

So SIMPLE and INEXPENSIVE which are two of my favourite things!!

I was SOLD after sharing them with the children. They were counting and making robot noises. Their interest in counting saw me making number stones to be used with them in a story basket. I was ready to make more!

The next set I made were for Brown bear, brown bear what do you see? In storybasketeers we had had an Eric Carle BONANZA month with art and story baskets. And whilst finding activities to share daily with them I found many images on the interest, some from Eric Carle himself.

I used the images I found online and made the stones. In the photo you will see stones for the teacher and children BUT in my story basket I used photos of myself and the children (can’t share the children for privacy reasons). The children LOVED seeing themselves in the story basket, I have a number of photos made into a book with metal rings holding it together.

Whenever I make a new resource, I share it with my stortbasketeers members. I also decided to share it with my group email list in exploring why I teach .ec.

Next up was We’re going on a bear hunt. I had bought an activity book which I had used some but not all the stickers for story spoons for a story basket. I photocopied the remaining stickers and then used these to create the story stones.

I decided to make story stones for this book as a teacher who had done the 7 day challenge had created an inspiring story basket with crochet rounds for the grass, water, mud etc. I had cheekily asked if I could have some. I was thrilled she said yes and her partner made me some.

The children delighted in the story basket but the small world or table top set up was the most popular. The story in the book was retold and also adventures the children had been on or ones they created with their imagination! The level of engagement and conversation was deeper with the photos and this got me thinking about how else I could add them to the story!

Having made and seen how successful the story stones were, I decided to make my own for an e-pattern. I selected the classic book Goodnight Moon as the storytelling house was getting a lot of use with the Tiger who came to tea and thought this story would be perfect in it.

I wasn’t wrong! The children enjoyed the story basket BUT LOVED the storytelling house and story stones. They changed the furniture and even made their own with loose parts.

I created the walls for the storytelling house 9 a pet bed from Kmart) with felt and the floor with coloured cardboard. The walls were fixed with bluetac and the children enjoyed all 3 walls up and others just the back wall. A number of teachers have suggested fairy tales for the storytelling house and I think Goldilocks and the 3 bears may be next. And story stones would be perfect for the characters too!

I am sure there are more story stones to come! What book would you want some for?

Until next time

N.B. there are affiliate links in this blog and if you buy from them I may get some moolah.
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