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Story stones are so SIMPLE and INEXPENSIVE to make.

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

My latest obsession! Story stones.

If you have read any of my other BLOGS you will know that I have had many an obsession!

From lightpads, suitcase set ups , posting tins craft sticks. This obsession has been a long time in coming as the stones (resin) took months to come to New Zealand. But the Tuscan stones are finally at Bunnings in New Zealand for $11.25.

You need very little else and they are inexpensive. You will have a printer, paper, paint brush and scissors. You may only need to buy mod podge and a gloss waterproof sealer. The sealer is not necessary but helps prevent the stones sticking together and last longer.

The first set I made was for 10 little robots.

I photocopied the back of the book, enlarging it by 45% and cut out the robots leaving a small white edge. I put a thin layer of