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My latest DIY obsession is with craft sticks!

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

I go through phases and when I discover a new material I get slightly obsessed and try and create new ideas for them. I have been through a wooden disk, wood cookie, plastic lids, felt and now it is a craft stick phase.

I love them as they are cheap, natural or look natural (at least I think they are) and have proven to be versatile. After some research I have learnt that there are Popsicle sticks and then there are craft sticks and technically I am obsessed with CRAFT STICKS. Both are made from Baltic birch but a craft stick may have colour which is less safe than a Popsicle stick.

I first started using them to increase letter and number awareness in my story baskets. I used an ink pad and stamps and stamped the alphabet and numbers. I also typed the word blast off for my space story baskets. It is a good idea to seal them with a non-toxic spray or mod podge ( I prefer matt).

From here it grew as I had seen some houses made for children to draw their family in and also for the story the 3 little pigs and so I created some of these. I grabbed two different sized Popsicle sticks, a glue gun and went for it!