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9  BESTS for 2023

 Here are the 9 BESTS for 2023 and a little about them. This BLOG will be one you want to return to as it is jammed packed with my BEST ideas and so MANY teachers have tested or tried them too.

Here are the 9 Bests for 2023


1.    Best hack



3.    Best bought resource



5.    Best selling item on trademe


6.    Best story basket



8.    Best storytelling mat


9.    Best BUNDLE



Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Best hack

This was a HIT! With children and teachers. Artificial grass cut to fit in Kmart trays BUT also art frames to look like a field. Here are some invitations I created and you will find more on my page This is why I teach. ec

Best e-pattern

Piranhas don’t each bananas had the children laughing and posting throughout the year. This lent itself to talking about healthy eating and sea creatures during sea week.

Best bought resource

This was my lightpad. It is rechargeable and portable. I posted so many great ideas and BLOGGED about it from Matariki, Christmas, storytelling and ephemeral art. It wass so popular that I made a mini-course which became my BEST selling one this year.

Best mini-course

The Lightpad or box mini-course (storytelling and ephemeral art) which is mentioned above.  I think the versatility and that you got 2 different ways to use it with books and art mage it the BEST seller and popular.  Here are some teachers who shared what they did after taking it.


AND I love getting feedback from teachers too!

This is 1 of 9 mini-courses I have and the next BEST seller was my musicality course  I think this sold well as it was something a little different and perhaps an area teachers feel less confident in.  Many teacher said after taking it they felt more confident and LOVED all the ideas they now could and were using.


Best selling item on trademe

This had to be my tinker, dramatic play sets. There were ones for birthdays, Easter and Christmas. There is a set left and there will be a few more in 2024 as I continue to downsize my teaching hoard.


Best story basket

Was Shark in the Park as the children loved the story stones and the telescope. There were so many great extensions with this from ‘I spy’ games to drawing maps and shape hunts.


Best blog 

This has been my BEST BLOG since I started blogging, How to create a story basket that will engage young minds. Tips and Tricks. With over 15k readers so far! Many of the readers went on to make and share a story basket or do my mini-course.


Here are some of those teachers story baskets.


Best storytelling mat.

Now this was a hard one to choose but this was the most popular on my page , pinterest and Instagram. I think it was a combination of a happy dance find with the bowl that looked like a mountain and items from my moveable storytelling mat.


It also features the weather spoons or Tāwhiri, Te Rā and te marama spoons. Which are always in use with whakapapa narratives and stories from Peter Gossage to local ones.


This was a close race with my Rhyme BUNDLE and the SEA moveable storytelling mat BUNDLE.

But in the end the Rhyme BUNDLE with 67 rhymes that you can print and use straight away won.


Here is the close second the moveable storytelling SEA BUNDLE

Wishing you all a wonderful 2024! I hope you try or even buy some of the e-patterns, BUNDLES or mini-courses I have created. If you do then I can create MORE and know what you NEED.

Until next time.


P.S. I will be posting less is 2024 on all platforms as I try something new and become a Granny.


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