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Lightpad literacy for the WIN in 2021.

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

I have discovered that the lightpad is another tool to get avid and reluctant readers to engage with books and storytelling. The children are drawn to the ‘magic’ of the light and the items they put on it.

I purchased a lightpad and thought it would be mainly for loose parts and manipulative play BUT it soon was used for much MORE, I have used it for 5 curriculum areas (BLOG) so far.

BUT with my passion for storytelling and early literacy I soon found I was using it as an extension to books and story baskets that the children were interested in.

I have used the lightpad for Christmas books to classics and ones that support friendships and community.

Christmas this year has all about the beard and the book have yourself a HAIRY little Christmas was the source. This little texture book was used to support play and the holiday in so many ways (BLOG) but decorating Santa’s beard on the lightpad was one of the most popular! The children wanted to try different items each day on the lightpad and they talked about the items properties from being see through or opaque and how some items worked better than others.

I added a rhyme about Santa’s beard to go with the light pad: