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MORE tips to setting up a suitcase in under 5 minutes for small world and story centered play.

Updated: Jan 20

My favourite suitcase doesn’t take up too much space and it is the perfect size for small world and story centered play, it measures 340 by 430 by 130cm. I got mine from my Nana but you could pick one up second hand.

The first tip is to start with a smaller suitcase and as you become more confident in what to put in it then go bigger. The first suitcase I used in 2018 was probably too big and it took me a few years to return to using one. It looks a bit empty and I should revisit the story Sail away by Mem Fox is a fabulous book and I know have the perfect suitcase.

A suitcase is portable and perfect for in and outdoors. Tip two would be to start indoors, especially if you have children into the transportation schema as it is harder to find items outdoors. I look at a suitcase like a large basket large basket for a story and it has the BONUS of being able to can prop up or frame a book. I use the same process I teach to make a story basket to create a story suitcase.