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 Bringing books

to life through play


Yesterday, Lily wanted to draw different coloured monsters and asked for a black felt as she couldn't find one. We had been reading the book the coloured monster in group times and she often requested it during the day. Today I brought in a basket, cloth and the book and we put her monsters in the basket and some I had made with stones and felt. She smiled and said "now they were together and she would not be scared of them."

We talked about her fear and ways to support it based on the book.

All we did was place the book in a basket with a cloth and add some items, and then the magic happened!

Later other children joined us and they were engaged in play while developing their language, motor skills, dispositions and cognitive skills! Their love for the book was just brought to life in a story basket and their learning extended through play.

This is one of 100's of stories that  I or storybasketeers members could share with you.

Are you ready to have these stories to share!

Storybasketeers membership

Where you find support and inspiration to make and share

story baskets in your own time.

Membership is for anyone looking to create story baskets and share them with children. Storybasketeers will transform your day as it injects story centered play that is meaningful for all.

In Storybasketeers you gain 24/7 access to all the story basket I have created (200+ so far and all made in the future) including a list of the resources in them and where to source them. Saving you time and ultimately money.

Each month you will get a pattern (or challenge) for a new story basket with Michelle Anderson guiding you from inspiration, development, through to execution.

You also get more than two and a half  years worth of ideas for invitations and provocations to support your story basket.


Members can buy the story baskets I create (no longer sold on page). With a BONUS $5 OFF 3 story baskets a year. Post is from New Zealand.

2020 & 2022 patterns & challenges (+ 2022 to date)

You will get ALL 8+ patterns used in 2020, 9 from 2021 and 6 so far from 2022 (value $134.50)

All new mini-courses FREE

- make and share a story basket in 7 lessons

- storytelling mini-course- group times mini-course (value $45)


  1. On the fly video – where I create a story basket in under 5 mins with items from around home or the early childhood settings.

  2. Brainstorming video- where you get to see my thinking and often these are then FOR SALE.

  3. Masterclass videos - the masterclasses are all about… storytelling, group times and sharing story baskets

Facebook Community

This is where you're able to connect with and gain support from your fellow teachers. This is where you can go to share your story centered play wins, ask for support and share your knowledge too! This community is pretty magical and we can't wait to see you there!

There are BONUS patterns and activities and an AMAZING group of like minded teachers.

But the best part? You have access to all of the patterns and resources from the previous months and year in fb too! 


$150 NZD for a year (one payment save $30)


NEW 6 month option $75

2020 & 2021 patterns.png
2022 patterns.png

JOIN options

6 months


6 months


A sample of some of the patterns you will get + there are story centred activites to go with them

Meet your host

Michelle Anderson

Hi! I'm Michelle, a teacher for 25+ years (children and pre-service teachers), maker of 150+ story baskets, admin for the group Exploring why I teach . ec and page This is why I teach - early childhood.

I am excited for you to JOIN us and share your own stories of magic happening in your childhood setting!


What members say

c sharing.jpg

"I love the storybasketeers!
Especially group foci on the same book. This gives me an opportunity to see others take on story baskets and try different media for my own. The ideas and patterns from Michelle are awesome resources."

Cindy Hawkins storybasketeer for 9 months

storybasketeer membership includes


1 new e-pattern a month + all e-patterns from 2020, 2021 & 2022 so far

VALUE $134+


To support making & sharing story baskets. To develop your storytelling

VALUE $150+


Mini-courses to support sharing your story baskets.

-make and share in 7 lessons


- group times



like-minded members who LOVE story centered play


buy story baskets

Exclusive chance to buy story baskets I make and $5 off 3 a year



250+ story baskets, what is in them and where to buy items


BACK June 25th 2022

JOIN options

6 months


6 months

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to make a story basket?

The pattern saves you time as I have done all the work for you!

If you are making the pattern it takes around 30 mins if you have the items.

I also have monthly videos of story baskets you can create on the fly (in under 5 minutes with items in your early childhood setting).

I am not crafty is this for me?

The library of story baskets shows you where I buy my items so you can, so no crafting needed.
The monthly video on how to create a story basket from items in your setting will also be for you.

How much money does it cost to make a story basket?

This is tricky to answer!

The biggest cost to a story basket is the book and after that the crafting materials.

I source second hand items to keep the cost down and on average a story basket (without book) costs between $5 -$12

Will the membership make me a better storyteller?

It has for other members!

They feel more confident and connected to the children they teach. The children and other team members love the story baskets and are excited to see more.

Story baskets

A sample of some of the story baskets created that you will have full access to (and to buy).

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