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How to make & introduce a story starter tray that enriches storytelling.

Everyone tells stories!

Some are better at it than others and that is probably because they have practiced more. I wanted to support the children’s interest in story telling and enhance it as I knew there are so many benefits.

Story telling is known to:

Enhance verbal Skills

Improve imagination

Develop reflective skills

Increase logical thinking

Improve listening skills

I love story baskets and have been making, sharing and teaching others about them for a couple of years. BUT I wanted to try something NEW. I was inspired by tray play and wanted to adapt it for storytelling.

The trays I have been making have been AWESOME for story starters but they have also been used for ‘tinkering’, schema and loose parts play. They have proven to be very versatile.

I have used a variety of trays from an old Tupperware chip and dip tray to a Kmart felt one. The items I have used have been open and close-ended.