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5 ways & 5 tips to transform stones into story stones for hands on early literacy.

Stones can be collected for FREE and in the teaching world this is GOLD. You can use them in story baskets or as story starters and this is why they are included in my FREE e-booklet for a story basket foundation box.

How to transform them into story stones is the tricky part. There are 5 ways and 5 tips along the way.

The 5 ways are:

  • paint (you or the children)

  • stickers

  • photocopied paper

  • temporary tattos

  • natural

I began collecting stones from a young age and am always on the lookout for heart shaped ones! But heart shaped stones are not the best for story stones, you need smooth and flat or flattish stones. I get mine from a beach that is rough and un-swimmable, you can also get them from rivers. You can buy them from garden shops but they are often small and polished which can be harder to work with.

You have your stones but now what! If you can paint you are set! You can use any acrylic paint and seal them. I often use test posts BUT find paint pens the easiest and less messy (tip one). I have cheap Kmart ones and more expensive POSCA ones and both work well. The POCSCA ones however have a finer tip and make it easier to do details.