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Can’t paint a peg doll?! I have 6 hacks that will save the day!

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Peg dolls are a story basket MUST HAVE and were a no brainer when it came to putting together the story basket foundation box.

The 6 peg doll hacks are:

· Dye with food colouring

· Temporary tattoos

· Transfer technique

· Washi tape

· Chalk paint

· Spray paint

I personally love them natural as they are more open ended and can be anything from a person, animal or tree. Also, if you have read my other blogs on 7 ways to transform a wooden spoon and wooden disks you will know I am not confident in painting and avoid it if I can.

Here are some story basket foundation box ideas for natural peg dolls.

But as you will see I use natural peg dolls OFTEN in my story baskets!

I have used food colouring to dye peg dolls and a wood burner to make eyes and beaks or mouths for them. They are perfect for birds in Rebecca Larsen's books. Food colouring is very simple and with the first set I used mod podge around the neck so it would not bleed to the head. I didn't buy any special kind, i had some for art and some in the kitchen cupboard for baking. It is important to seal them and I have used food grade wax to do this.

I just grabbed some temporary tattoos and put them on a peg doll. I think the proportions aren’t quite right but it works! This was my first attempt and I am on the look out for more that could work. These are finger tattoos and I just spotted some Melissa and Doug ones I may try next.

I have also used a transfer technique (print image, apply mod podge on image, leave to dry 24 hours and then apply a damp cloth and rub paper off) on them for the whakapapa narrative In the Beginning and recently for Green Eggs and Ham and SAM-I-AM.

Most of my story basket for whakapapa narratives use natural peg dolls as you can see.

Peg dolls are relatively cheap and as you can see versatile. I did attempt to paint one as a cat for My Cat like to Hide in Boxes. And I am sharing it just to prove I Can’t paint! To be honest I am OK with this as it means that I have to come up with creative alternatives and hacks!

Lee thought my Cat was a tiger and I thought that was close enough for me! Ben on the other hand preferred my transfer wooden disk cat! What do you think?

I made some simple rainbow peg dolls with coloured wasabi tape from Kmart. It was fairly easy to add it at the bottom of a peg doll.

The final two hacks use spray paint, all the same colour for the 3 little pigs and then chalk paint to draw and redraw faces on that was inspired by Frida. Lastly you could make your own 'peg dolls' or as I call them wood buddies. I have a whole blog on them!

So, there are 6 hacks that will save you from painting a peg doll! Got a favourite? You will see mine is to leave them natural which would technically make it 7 hacks... but who is counting!!

Until next time.


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