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6 ways to create story disks from wood slices or disks.

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

I discovered these wooden disks off aliexpress two years ago and they were really CHEAP. They have increased a lot in price now but still worth it. You may find them in craft or dollar stores. I wouldn’t be without them now and that is why they are in my story basket foundation box.

I first began using them for adding numbers to my story baskets and story centred play. I have used wooden numbers and vinyl (yet to use felt). A have also used wooden letters for the song BINGO. These were a simple case of sticking the numbers or letters to the slice or disk. PVA was used for the wooden numbers and letters.

I then discovered you can use temporary tattoos and then seal them (I used mod podge) if they might get wet.

Finding stickers for our favourite books was AMAZING and this is when I began making story disks. Here you can see Room on a broom, We're going on a bear hunt, Gruffalo, What the ladybird heard, Stick man and some story spoons as an alternate for the stickers.

If you have read my blog on story spoons you will know about my reluctance to paint (as I don’t think I can). In saying this I have painted the disks to be the planets but have not used them in a story basket YET. Not sure you call it ‘painting’ but my best so far 😉

The journey of discovery and trial and error happened with both wooden spoons and disks at the same time. Disks are perhaps more versatile with stories. The key trick to using stickers is to add mod pogde first and letting it dry and then putting sticker on and adding another layer of mod podge on. If you have pickers then it won't stop them but mine have lasted a couple of years now with a lot of little hands using them.

Although I discovered temporary tattoos and have only used them on disks so far (seal them if they might get wet). These could possibly be used on wooden spoons too BUT I have not tried this yet (NOW I want to).

I have used the transfer technique (print image, apply mod podge on image, leave to dry 24 hours and then apply a damp cloth and rub paper off) to avoid painting and also as a support to paint.

My cat for my cat who likes to hide in boxes was very popular with the children and storybasketeers! Ben was very interested in the cat and that it liked hiding. So much so it became a little game that he would hide the cat in the setting. The first time I found it with ease and proudly said it was easy! I regretted this as the next time he hid it I could not find it for a week! I ended up making more transfer wooden disk cats just in case others went hiding. I did eventually find it but accidentally! I am more careful with how I set a challenge for Ben because he is a master at hiding cats!

I also did the three pigs and if you haven’t already you can get my FREE pattern for them and choose to use the transfer technique as it or paint your pigs and wolf.

Here is the story basket foundation box items and then adding the book the 3 little pigs.

Of course I have also used the wooden disk natural as a moon and sun in story baskets too.

Until next time.


P.S. in case you missed the blog on wood buddies (which are in the FREE e-booklet with what is in the story basket foundation box) you can click on wood and read it.

Affiliate links are in this blog and if you buy an item I may get a small commission.

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