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7 ways to transform a wooden spoon into a story spoon for story baskets.

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

The good ole wooden spoon!

There are the 3 wooden spoons in the ‘story basket foundation box’ and I have transformed them into story spoons. Once you have seen the 7 ways you may want to have more than 3 wooden spoons!

ALL of the ideas are for people like me who can’t really paint or sew! For those of you who can you will LOVE some of the painting alternatives and so will the children.

The 7 ways I have transformed wooden spoons are:

· Velcro dots and images (cardboard, foam or material)

· ‘Spoon hoods’ like puppet for a spoon

· Stickers

· Transfer whole image

· Transfer outline and paint

· Chalk paint

· Spray paint, felt and buttons

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