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I have made the mistakes so you don't have to. A must have item you can make in no time!

Ever made a resource you are proud of? Wasn’t sure how or if you could make it?

I saw some AMAZING wood buddies from the UK and WOW each month they had new ones and they were INSPIRING! I really liked the unpainted and ‘natural ones’ and could see so many possibilities for them. If I could have bought the painted ones I would have! But being in New Zealand I couldn’t. So, I got out my saw and belt sander! (You could make them without a belt sander it would juts take a lot more time!)

I cut a stick I found at a local park into 5 to 7 cm lengths. Then I did a bit sanding and grinding to get the bark off the top of the sticks and smooth the ends. It was easy and therapeutic. This step took hardly any time at all. I had 20 made in less than 10 minutes. What got me going back to the sander were the wood buddies eyes! No mater what I tried: paint, pen and permanent pen they kept running.

I had to search the net and saw a variety of different ways to get them not to run and tried them. In the end