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This Christmas is shaping up to be all about Santa’s beard!

It all started with a book...

Have yourself a HAIRY Christmas! Yes, HAIRY instead of MERRY!!

This book looks like it will be the BEST book for Christmas play and so far it has been used for:

I started by sharing the story in a group time whilst wearing a Santa beard and invited the children to help Santa decorate it! I got a fake beard from LookSharp for $4 but out felt holly leaves, got ribbon for a rainbow beard, bells with velcro to attach to the beard, some foil and MOUSEY made and appearance. Children have been bringing in clips and bows for Santa's beard making it look even more jolly!

Some of the suggestions for decorating it were more outrageous than the book and had us all laughing. Including children in storytelling is so beneficial for them and you!