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Have you been surprised by the delay in big emotions being shared and fears that are creeping in?

What happened to me? Like you COVID-19 and the strange thing is that with more time, you would think I would be writing more but I came to a grinding halt! Did you? I am back and want to explore with you the BIG emotions and fears that children have been facing and the activities, story baskets and e-templates we have used to support them.

The pandemic has been a time to slow down and a time of mixed emotions. Many of us were happy to return to our early childhood settings and it strengthened our purpose. For others there was reluctance as the time at home was wonderful even if hard. For others it was dreadful, scary and was a time of big decisions and changes.

It was like this for children too.

What was interesting was that it was easier than thought to go back. BUT now…….

There are some big emotions being shared and fears that are creeping into play and conversation. I know children who want to stay at home as they felt ‘safe’ there from germs and bugs. Some who do not want to leave the early childhood setting for fear that they will not be able to return again. And some who do not know what they are feeling but do not feel themselves!

This called for action and so these are some of the ideas, activities and story baskets created to support children.

The colour monster story basket, an e-pattern.