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It’s a mystery where January went.

Honestly, I don't know where January went and so I am going with the Chinese or Lunar new Year and wishing you a happy new year! 新年好 — Happy Chinese New Year.

"Xīnnián hǎo"

I have been busy following children’s interests BUT the main focus has been on reconnecting with each other as we return from holidays. In the reconnecting we have discovered some worriers and I created an e-pattern and story basket based on the book Silly Billy. Don’t let the title fool you it is not about the saying and down playing emotions and worries. It is about finding ways to support them and Billy’s wise grandmother gives him a worry doll to tell his worries to.

We also made out own worry dolls and I saw how they opened children up to sharing and talking about their worries to them (the doll) and me.

In the lead up to February we have also been exploring the traditions and rituals of Chinese or the Lunar new year and have two new books illustrated by Grace Lin, Round is a mooncake and Bringing in the New Year. We started with Round is a mooncake and I learnt that the mooncake is made later in the year and that at Chinese New Year you make dumplings. Both books have fabulous illustrations with items from old and modern China, Round is a mooncake focuses on shapes and Bringing in the new year sharing the traditions of bringing in the New Year.

I bought mooncake moulds and stamps that will be available all year in out playdough tools and added to it a set of 3 dumpling presses. These were a bargain at $15 and great to hav