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Game on! Board games in early childhood.

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Do you remember playing games and board games as a kid?

I fondly remember playing them with my children at home for hours on end 20 or so years ago. Recently I have gotten out my old games and searched the early childhood setting for theirs. I have dusted them off and as a result, they are getting played. The children are excited to try them and hungry for new ones.

So, I started to look for some new games to purchase and what I found interesting is that there haven’t been that many new games. There are plenty of online games using technology but these are usually for an individual or group. I am not a fan of screen time in an early childhood setting.

Why games? There are so many benefits to playing games from memory, language to turn taking.

They may seem old school but I also find that as a teacher they show me children’s dispositions and how they see themselves. They give an opportunity to be part of the group but also to stand out or be a winner. When I asked teachers on This is why I teach - early childhood for game recommendations I was blown away as there were many I had not heard of and now I have a few games to check out.

I was lucky to be approached by Matt who has a new game called Toppletree that was created by a New Zealander who offered to send me the game try it out. I was keen to do so and when I got it, I was excited to set up some invitations to play (link to my fb post). I started with invitations as the game as it is for 2- 4 players aged four and up and I was working with 2.5-3 year olds. The game was different to the others we had been playing like recent games On the Hunt for Dinos and