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Connecting virtually -looking at the why, what, how and when to engage online.

The 'why' for connecting virtually online right now is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I would never have imagined this situation and at times feel like I am somehow in a sci-fi movie. I have been interested to see teachers pivot and transform their teaching to provide online activities, ideas and book readings on Facebook and know there is a lot going on in assessment platforms too.

I think we will continue to be virtual for at least another month and wanted to explore the why, what, how and when to support teachers and in turn children and families. I am sharing some tips from engaging with teachers online through my Facebook page This is why I teach. ec and group Exploring why I teach. ec.

There is more to the 'why' than the current situation and before creating any online posts for my page or group I ask ‘why’ am I writing, videoing or photographing this.

Who is it for? Why do they need it? If you have been following my page and group you will be aware that I do not put myself in front of the camera, a hand or part of my body but not my face. Why? Because I did not want the it to be about me but about all teachers.

But this changed with COVID-19 and I had a ‘why’ to put myself in front of the camera and so I did in the group Exploring why I and created a mini-series based on making and sharing a story basket WITH children using resources from around home and the early childhood setting. In this time of change and uncertainty my ‘why’ became making a human connection with my group. I wanted to give back and support teachers.