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A story basket without a cloth is like … macaroni without cheese.

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Don't for get the cloth!!

They say a picture is worth a 1000’s words and I would agree when you look at Giraffes can't dance pictures.

Having no cloth makes a basket feel naked and lacks warmth to me and that is why it is a key item.

This is our giraffes can't dance pattern and in the first photo there is no cloth, it works but with the cloth it feels more inviting.

Not having a cloth would be like eating macaroni without the cheese! You can eat each without the other and it is OK but when they are together the taste and experience is much richer.

I also think a cloth sets the scene or the stage and invites a child to play and engage. A story basket without a cloth still works but the cloth adds a richness and a warmer invitation, I think.

· Blue

· Green and

· Brown

The colours are obvious for use., sea, grass and earth. I find putting the cloth in the baskets gets my creative juices going for creating and for children they connect to place or space created.

If you live near red earth then you may want to use a colour closer to that. If you live near the dessert then a colour closer this colour is better to support the place based learning. I use cloth napkins as they are cheap and easy to pick up at second hand shops as they are not in vogue.

I also have 2 see through cloths:

· Black for the night

· Coloured for texture or mystery.

I have used many more colours and you could add:

· White for snow

· Yellow for sand

· Dancing scarves with many colours and these are fabulous for rainbow and colour story baskets.

· Checkered for bedding or picnics

Now if you don’t have cloth napkins you can always use scarves and material. I often have two pieces of material as it adds more texture and layers to the story.

Think of it like gourmet Mac and cheese where you add an expensive cheese to it!

Now for some creative ideas for texture in your story baskets you can add paper.

Hopefully you will see the beauty of a cloth in a story basket like I do and always add one or two to your story basket.

If you are not yet convinced to use a cloth in your story baskets here is one more example with this months e-pattern for a posting tin for the Tiger who came to tea!

Until next time.


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