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Story stones e-pattern bundle (6 e-patterns)

Story stones e-pattern bundle (6 e-patterns)

$27.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price

In the bundle you get 6 e-patterns and SAVE.


You will get:


Where’s Spot?

Rata and the waka

Goodnight Moon

Stack the Cats (includes number stones)

Tray mat with Shark in the Park story stones (or spoons)

Atua story stones (exclusive to bundle and not sold otherwise)


The story stones you make with the patterns will support book play, storytelling and even loose parts (number stones).


Value to buy separately $27 (Atua story stones not sold) this bundle is $15



You will find BONUS images for story spoons in Shark in in the Park, a pattern to make bean bag cats for Stack the Cats and there are also larger Atua images for blocks.


You can use the larger images in Where’s Spot?, Shark in the Park and Atua for larger stones.


The number stones (in Stack the Cats) are great with loose parts and a quick way to add maths to play.

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