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Shape monster e-pattern

Shape monster e-pattern


A fabulous rhyme to learn shapes (and colours) in English and Te reo Māori. Better still a chance to make the shape monster MUNCH. munch. MUNCH the shapes.


You get an e-pattern, instructions and video.


Be MUNCHING shapes in under 30minutes for the psoting tin and less as a board story.


You get a link to a ZIP file on the thanks you page once you have paid.




This pattern is now part of the S.T.E.M e-pattern bundle and you may want to buy this and SAVE (you get 7 e-patterns and a S.T.E.M e-booklet for $18, value $30)



You can buy the e-booklet to add S.T.E.M to your practice in an intentional and natural way


BEFORE YOU BUY you may want to check out my positing tin bundle where you will get 4 posting tin e-patterns for $13

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