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Puppet mini-course

Puppet mini-course



In this mini-course you will learn how to choose and use a puppet confidently and as a natural extension of yourself. I show you how it can be a tool to get attention, keep attention, HELP you or the children and be FUN.


My approach is that a puppet is a natural extension of yourself, part of you and not a novelty.


There are 6 lessons and a BONUS on how to set the ‘scene’ and storage.



You will get a WELCOME page with a google drive link and I will add you to the drive.


Like all my mini-courses you will download it (on a computer) and it's yours to use at anytime ('on demand'). Once completed you can get a completion certificate.



I also offer one on one mentoring if you need it.


There is an upgrade option for 1 to 1 mentor support via ZOOM.  The individual upgrade in the SHOP-

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