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Musicality mini-course

Musicality mini-course


In this mini-course you will learn what musicality is and how to use it in your early childhood setting. There are  6 video lessons jam packed with strategies and extensions. You also get a BONUS lesson on books & musicality and a workbook


You do not need to be able to hold a tune or sing for this mini-course (although you might want to when you hear the music) The focus is on children expressing themselves through movement in response to music with everyday or bought items.


You don’t need to know what music to select and what will work with children as I provide the music (on Spotify & a list if you don'r have it) all you need to do is gather the everyday or bought items I suggest.


You will be able to download the mini-course on the THANK YOU page and have 30 days to do so.


Like all my mini-courses you will download it (on a computer) and it's yours to use at anytime ('on demand'). Once completed you can get a completion certificate.

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