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MEGA social emotional e-pattern bundle (11 books) + storytelling mat

MEGA social emotional e-pattern bundle (11 books) + storytelling mat

$62.25 Regular Price
$31.00Sale Price

Supporting emotions and navigating social situation and relationships can be tricky! This bundle was created to support BIG feelings and tricky relationships.



In this bundle you will get (and abe able to support):


  • Rainbow fish (friendship and sharing)
  • Have you filled a bucket today? (self-care and care for others)
  • The colour monster (feelings and how to support them)
  • Giraffes can’t dance (friendship, being brave & trying something new)
  • Elmer (identity and celebrating difference)
  • Owl babies (separation anxiety, attachment, transitions and siblings)
  • The Pout-pout fish (friendship, worry, a fixed mindset vs growth mindset)
  • Piggie, Elephant and Pigeon (can be used with 34 books) (friendship,  saying NO, bravery, trying something new and a fixed mindset vs growth mindset)
  • Silly Billy (worry, anxiety and acceptance)
  • Moon & sun (celebrating difference, belonging and acceptance)
  • Caps for sale (dealing with frustration and communication )


PLUS the moveable storytelling mat e-pattern to provide more space and an opportunity for more children to participate / interact with the books and pattern that brings it to life.


All the patterns and resources have been tested by teachers and children. They bring a book to life and provide opportunities to talk, share and support children. Play conversations and support happen naturally through the resources. As a result, children grow their social and emotional intelligence.



After payment you will get a link to a ZIP file on the THANK YOU page.

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