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We are 'Dr Seussing' it up this month!

Dr Seuss is famous for his rhyming BUT we discovered much more in a few of his books in May.

There was early literacy, literacy, early maths, gross motor or balancing and STEM with the books I used so far. The main focus was on early literacy and how to incorporate it into any early childhood setting and story baskets..

The focus came for this month’s pattern Green Eggs and Ham which was suggested by a Storybasketeer and there was 10 apples up on top and Horton hatches the egg. I have a couple of others that we may explore as it is only the middle of May.

Do you have a favourite Dr Seuss book? Have you brought one to life in a story basket?

It took me some time to create the pattern for this story basket as there are so many possible items to support the rhyming! BUT I was surprised to discover that there are only 50 words used in the book. I decided to run with there only being 50 words and focus on providing a rich literacy environment without ‘teaching’ reading.

As I was so focused on the 10 nouns and items in the book, I overlooked SAM-I-AM. Should he and the unnamed other character be felt or peg dolls. I asked my storybasketeers and the poll was even, so I went with peg dolls and I had a great idea on how to inject literacy!!