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The struggle is real, I can never keep a story basket in a basket.

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

A favourite book at the moment is ‘Whatever next’ by Jill Murphy and so I just had to create a story basket to extend on this interest. This is where I always seem to get into trouble as I can’t keep the story props within the basket.

My understanding of a story basket is that it is:

· A basket

· Props to support the re-telling of the story by the child or children

· Or items to extend thinking, language etc.

· Props or items are everyday items.

· Most importantly a book that is of interest to the child or children.

For this story basket I started out well.

Stripped back story basket.

But….. the story lends itself to other items and imaginative play so I HAD to add:

· Cardboard boxes

· More scarves

· Star fabric

· Rākau

· Turn the table upside-down

· And more of what I already had.

Exploded story basket. I couldn't help myself!

My teacher logic was more than one child would be playing with this and that more items were needed. I also thought it would support learner agency as it invited the children to add to the story line. But if I am honest I couldn’t help myself. I recognise that I have a ‘problem’ with keeping this (and most things) ‘as it is meant to be’, small or contained. I like to challenge existing thought and practices, even my own. I also like to think it is being creative.

The question I now have is, is this still a story basket? Perhaps mine is BUT it simply exploded! By definition I guess it may not be and it is now an invitation to play. BUT I still want to call it a story basket…..

This being said this book does scream imaginative play and uses everyday objects like a cardboard box, colander and scarves that can be easily sourced. I am excited to see how this ‘story basket’ is explored and believe it is open enough to support learner agency.

Oh yeah… I had another owl (which is a puppet) that I added later as you can never have too many owls 😉

Owl puppet that was added,can't have too many owls.

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