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Storing your story baskets and more tips

Storage has and always will be a tricky thing for teachers. Story baskets I hope may be a little different. I tend to only store resources I have made specifically for a story basket. The other resources are what I find in and around the early childhood setting. This may not solve storage issues but it certainly won’t mean you need to find more storage space.

But let’s start with the baskets. As you know from the last blog ‘How to create a story basket that will engage young minds’ I use a $4 basket/. I have 3 of them and they stack nicely together. Why do I have three, to be honest I really only need two but I tend to be prepared and have extra. In case one gets damaged or for a a rainy day. What I love about these baskets is that the top one can be full and ready to use and the others empty or have the material and book awaiting the other parts or resources. You put out the one on top and then start collecting what you need for the book in the next basket.

I gather the items needed and put them in during the day or when I have a chance. It really saves time and helps my creative juices to try and not buy or make any but use what is in the setting. Often there is just not enough time in the day or the energy to make something.