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One $3 Christmas resource and 6 ways to play with it!

I am a huge fan of using one item in as many ways as possible and this Christmas I found a set of wooden Christmas shapes from kmart for $3 that I have used as is in:

· transient art

· sensory play

· maths invitations

· fine motor opportunities

· and for DIY resources.

There are 24 small wooden craft items and after getting 2 packs I went back for more!

Decorating Santa’s beard transient art style.

They were perfect for transient art or as Christmas loose parts (if you are not a purest). The invitation went with the book Have yourself a HAIRY little Christmas (there are 6 other was to use the book in another blog). The children enjoyed decorating Santa’s beard with them and other items (cotton wool, pinecones, corks and stones) I used Kmart Christmas tongs to add interest and an element of difficulty.