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New resources for Matariki and beyond.

Updated: May 26, 2023

As we head towards Matariki I can say without a doubt that everyone on the planet can’t believe what a year it has been so far. I know I am ready to welcome a new year in and Matariki offers us just that chance!

Like every Matariki I use the time to reflect and make goals. I also create resources for Matariki and beyond and this year is no different. I have added two new props this year to 2018 DIY e-patterns for te rā , now I have te marama and Tāwhirimātea.

Last year in the blog I explored 7 or 9 stars of Matariki? with resources & ideas.

Te rā was the main focus for the whakakpapa narrative How Maui slowed the sun based on Peter Gossage book.

This year with the addition of have te marama and Tāwhirimātea I can create more story baskets and small worlds for stories like Rona and the moon.

The waka in Rona and the moon is the same pattern I used to create a hessian waka in the e-instructions and pattern for Te Ika A Māui.

But I made te marama and Tāwhirimātea to use for two Matariki books, Little kiwis Matariki and Tāwhirimātea a song for Matariki.

Here is what we have done so far!

Got any other book suggestions for te rā, te marama and Tāwhirimātea?

I have just started a 7 day challenge where teachers will make and share a story basket with children in 7 days and I am feeling energised already! I am sure a blog post will come of it as I love sharing how I have been inspired by others.

The doors have opened for storybasketeers and this e-pattern for te rā, te marama and Tāwhirimātea will be free as part of the July activities. The doors close on the 4th of July and do not reopen till Jan 2021.

If you bought the Te rā e-pattern let me know and I will give you a discount on this one.

Happy Matariki.

Until next time.


This post has affliate links and if you buy from them then I get a small commission and it costs you not more.

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