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Making te reo Māori more visible in your environment and keeping it authentic.

If you have read past blogs then you will know that I use Māori Language week to set personal goals around te reo Māori and or Te Ao Māori. Please note you will find affiliate links in this blog.

This year I realised that I need to have more physical items in the environment to support me using te reo Māori but also to make it more visible.

As you all know by now I love story baskets and so my first step was to create some. I used what I had but was also thrilled to find so many favourite books now translated into te reo Māori. I also realised that I need to budget and that a new goal is that I will spend that budget a week or two before Māori language week to have new resources available in the week and then continue to use throughout the year.

So, where to start!?