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I'm a bit like ELMER!

This was said by one of the children. It took me by surprise!

This month’s pattern was for Elmer and it was suggested by a member of storybasketeers. I had read the book before but I have to be honest and say I was a little HO-HUM about the book. The first time I read it, the children didn’t take to it and didn’t request it again so it went to the bottom of my pile of books and was gathering dust!

When Elmer was suggested by a storybasketeer member I went searching for the book and gave it another try. To my surprise the children enjoyed it and I saw that it was a great book to share, reflect or wonder on with the children. I had made 2 patterns which had 3 options for a story basket.

I made the first (which was a print and share version) and set it out for the children to explore and retell the story. The children are used to story baskets so I have no worries about putting it out without introducing it. A story basket does gout on a ‘special’ shelf or table when it is put out as part of the routine. Below is the shelf i use, it is from IKEA. You will see little red riding hood story spoons which is a pattern from my storybasketeers membership, a small word play scene using Melissa and Doug farmyard set , acrylic coloured blocks and a basket with a metal tea set from second hand shops..