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How to create a story basket that will engage young minds. Tips and Tricks.

Updated: Jan 20

Story baskets are a fabulous hands-on way to extend, engage and enrich. Be it language, fine motor skills, thinking, mathematics the list goes on.

The question is how do you create one? What do you include in it and how do you share it? Here are a number of tips and tricks to help. If you want more details and support then my story basket mini-course may be for you!!

Creating one starts with noticing an interest in a book or a general interest and sometimes a resource that sparks your or a child’s imagination. Next is to recognise what is of particular interest to the child or children, it is the characters, the actions, the schema or urges or something else. Once you have this in mind you are ready to put a story basket together. Being open to children wanting to add to it or go in another direction.

I start with a basket. I use one from Kmart as it is a good size and easy to stack or store. It is not too big as I have a tendency to add too much and this keeps me in check.

I then add material. This is for aesthetics, to make the basket inviting but also as a prop for the story. I like second hand scarves or napkins but also fine tulle. Second hand is cheaper and can be used as loose parts in general play too. If there is any kind of sea as there is in Tiddler then I use blue fine tulle, if there is grass for example Shark in the park happened in a park I would use a green napkin or material and 10 little pirates something that felt pirate like.