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Eggs and bunnies can only mean… Easter.

Whether you feel Easter should or should not be celebrated in your early childhood setting is something to be reflected on as a team.

BUT when the interest is great in eggs and bunnies then it as a teacher, I can’t ignore it. So, I hopped to it and after conversations and looked for activities and books that would support the interest in eggs and bunnies. Some traditional and some less so.

The activities were simple: Cotton bud painting on egg shapes, filling plastic eggs with pompoms and chalk shaped eggs for drawing outside. fine motor invitations that also satisfied schema noticed. A bunny was strategical placed but the connection not dwelled upon, unless a child made it in a conversation.

I have to admit I didn’t have any Easter books in my kete but got my first you use in a story basket. The books I did use and have are The Odd Egg, all the birds have eggs to hatch. All except Duck. When Duck finds an egg of his own to look after he's delighted: it's the most beautiful egg in the whole world!