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Bringing the 3 little pigs to life with props for a story basket. With a FREE pattern to try.

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

The 3 little pigs and the BIG bad wolf is a classic and always enjoyed by children. I created a time saving pattern for my storybaskteers group as an 'extra' and decided to give it away as a taster for what you get as a member.

The story was first seen in English fairy tale books from the 19th century. There are multiple versions of the story involving three pigs being hunted by a wolf and in other cultures they were fairies, geese and more than 3. There are multiple morals in this story, from the importance of hard work to taking the time and effort to build something good.

According to Wikipedia (not always the most reliable source) the original author is unknown and "The Three Little Pigs" story was first published in The Nursery Rhymes of England by James Halliwell-Phillips in 1886. It was then published in English Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs in 1890.

There are now many versions with different lessons like:

My favourite by Jon Scieszka (1989) “The True Story Of The 3 Little Pigs!,” a story about empathy and opportunity to look at a story from different perspectives. It also has a loved phrase used by many a child ‘I didn’t do it!’

Over the years there have been different parts of the story that have piqued children’s interests but the number one phrase that is said and re-enacted would be “I’ll huff and I’ll puff”. To this day I can’t say these words without lowering my voice and making huffing and puffing sounds as I say them!

When it comes to creating this story basket all the characters MUST be included (but this is not the case for all story baskets). Also, a basket and cloth! A book may not be needed for this one but I do love to have one as it enriches children’s opportunities to learn and engage with print. I have used materials for the characters over time, from made and bought ones: peg dolls to finger puppets.

The first story basket I created used peg dolls and they were faceless due wanting the children to use their imagination and imagine themselves as the character. The houses were wood off cuts with roofs painted to match the 3 items the pigs bought to make their houses.

What I love about the story is that is has elements that call for texture and touch which are essential in a story basket. The straw, the sticks and bricks. I have used similar items in each basket but what has changed over time is that the houses have become more elaborate and ‘matching'.

Pigs in sheds is a fabulous kiwi version with kiwi-isms and jokes that are very 'Dad like' but wonderful all the same!

I think my Popsicle obsession had much to do with this and continue to use them as a structure for the textures. You can see more of my Popsicle obsession in another blog, where I have used them for gates, doors, a whare and houses for story baskets.

A popular variation that has been requested is Blow your nose BIG BAD WOLF where germs and using tissues when sick and being kind can be highlighted. This is a story often used in winter with colds but it has been good during COVID-19.

All the BIG BAD WOLF wants is A-A-A-A TISSUE! By not sharing the tissues and teasing the wolf the pigs catch his cold, there are opportunities to talk about catching your sneeze in your elbow and washing your hands too.

My latest pattern for the 3 pigs is a result of the story spoons made for little red riding hood and a new craft technique that you may have tried with my FREE pattern for Jack & the beanstalk.

I seem to be in a ‘fairy tale phase’! I have created story spoons and story disks and this is what you get in the free pattern. They can be transferred as is or an outline transferred and painted.

I created them to support my reluctance to paint as I always feel I am not a great painter and this thought meant I never even attempted to. This way I have a it started and hope as I grow more confident, I will try and paint free hand. I do love the image transfer as it saves so much time and apart from the 24 hours waiting for it to dry the story spoons and disks were made in under 20 minutes.

I hope you try it out and let me know how it goes or better yet share your results!

Enjoy this blog... then I have others with patterns like Green eggs and Ham.

Or read more on the wooden disks in a 'story basket foundation box' that you can put together for $25.

Until next time.


P.S. there are affliate links to support NZ and AUS reader. If you use them you pay no more and I get a little $

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