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A storytelling mat a day makes me happy and want to play.

I am fizzing about the moveable storytelling mat I have made.

I have been wanting to make a felt storytelling mat for a couple of years but every time I went to make one I didn’t because I thought I would need to make several for different scenes. A couple of months ago I came up with the idea of making a moveable one and I was EXCITED!

No sewing or glue is required on the mat (except the trees)! I did add some embellishment with stitches but you don’t need them.


I made the base and then added layers BUT best of all a ‘peek-a-boo’ shape to add different texture like hessian for a dirt or a yellow scarf for sand and silk blue one for the sea or waves.

I aimed to make a storytelling mat a day to make teachers and children happy and want to play, so in December that meant 31 storytelling mats. I didn't quite make it with just 26 made and shared.

1. We’re going on a bear hunt

2. We’re going on a moa hunt

3. Gruffalo