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A magnetic & light filled Christmas ahead.

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

This year no particular book has stood out as a favourite so far (but it's only the first week of December), instead magnetic tiles and the lightpads have been the BIGGEST interest (and ICE but that will be my next BLOG).

I have tried to combine these two interests with Christmas as the season is mentioned many times a day and will continue to be by the children!

Let’s start with magnetic tiles. If you do not have these in your early childhood setting, I would be surprised as they AMAZING! Children love to build, engineer and use them in unique ways. I added Christmas bells to the magnetic tiles and in no time the children had made trees and decorated them with bells. I followed their lead and set up an invitation with bells, metal rimmed coloured chips and for a bit of a challenge a magnet wand for them to decorate them with. It is trickier than you think to do this as you can’t get the wand to close as it will pull apart the tree made from tiles.

There was more talk of decorating a tree which may have stemmed from the tape and loose parts tree we always do at Christmas and throughout the year.