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9 easy Christmas ice play ideas.

I have not experienced a white Christmas and as a sun lover I do not feel I need to BUT water and ice for a summer Christmas are a MUST!

Water is an open ended natural material that can soothe or excite children and in its frozen form offers this and MORE in sensory play as you will see. In the lead up to Christmas the outdoor temperatures in New Zealand often increase and the number of children that get involved in water play does too. This is a wonderful chance to support relationships and connect with each other which is the essence of the Christmas season.

With this all in mind I gathered my Christmas boxes filled with treasures and thought about how they could be used with frozen water. In the past I had simply added them to unfrozen water with cups, containers and jugs with great success and would do this again (in fact these activities would end up being this too).

I am also a big fan of ice shapes for Christmas to paint and melt. I pick them up at second hand shops or buy them new and they are metal or silicone, you will often find: gingerbread people, star, bell, pine tree and elf hat shapes.

Gingerbread people.

I use these all year round as the Gingerbread Man is always a popular book and story. I simply add water colour paints. You could also freeze coloured water with or without pompoms and add baking trays, plates and aprons..