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7 or 9 stars of Matariki? check out the resources & ideas.

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Are there seven or nine stars? The answer would impact on my resources and teaching. Matariki is not too far away and knew it was time to have conversations and reflect.

Dr Rangi Matamua has been sharing a misconception that there are 7 stars when there are 9. In his book Matariki: the star of the year he explores questions like: What is Matariki? How did Maori traditionally celebrate Matariki? When and how should Matariki be celebrated? The book is based on research and interviews with Maori experts and sheds light on Matariki.

Ma te mohio ka marama: through knowledge comes light.

It was time to have conversation, reflect and decide how this new information would or could impact on my teaching. If I decided to follow Dr Rangi’s new information then I would now be faced with resources that did not align with this new information and asked myself ‘what do I do?’.

Last year I spoke to my cultural advisor and instead of answering she asked what is it you know and who taught you? My knowledge was not my own and came from local iwi and Kuia. I had been taught about the 7 so what of Te Iwa o Matariki So I used the resources I had and acknowledged the new knowledge. The pukapuka I used and worked well in storytelling, small world play and activities in 2017 were The seven kites of Matariki , Matariki and Tane and the stars which is sadly out of print.