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5 ways to use your story stones, not including a story basket.

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Many of you have shared the story stones you have made after reading my blog and seeing my posts on my page. Like me you LOVED how quick and inexpensive they were to make. In fact, some of you appear to be more OBSESSED than me!

I am still making them for story baskets but I have now started using them in other ways. If you work smart and not hard you could use them for all. I have used the Where’s Spot story stones for 4 out of the 5 and of course in a story basket, you will see these soon.

1. sensory bin or tray play

2. games

3. small world

4. suitcase story/ play

5. as is, make an extra stone from each story

BONUS ways

Sensory bin or tray play

Grab a bin or tray, any shape but the key is the depth and size. Too deep and it is tricky for children to get in and play. You may be tempted to go deep so as to avoid spills and mess but the strange thing is that the deeper the tray the more spillage I have seen. There is no ideal size for a tray, it is more about the play being individual or collaborative.