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5 Kiwissential Christmas books for children.

What are the 5 children Christmas books every teacher NEEDS to have?

Here are my 5, they may change next year but they have not changed in 3 years.

I have made story baskets for 3 of them and Slinky Malinky lent itself to an invitation to play and provocation.

12 dogs of Christmas.

This is an essential book at I find at the end of every year there are children who love numbers and counting. There is a 12 cats of Christmas book and as much as I love cats it is hard to find enough for an invitation or story basket. This year I added counting sticks made with popsicle sticks and an ink stamp. Easy to make and such a cheap way to add maths to an early childhood environment.

Now I have to admit that Scarface claw is my favourite character of Lynley Dodds but Slinky Maliniki and Hairy comes in at a close second. Our Slinky has been well loved and was bought with another book.

This a wonderful story where Slinky is up to the same tricks but this time takes the Christmas tree angel and creates havoc with all the decorations! Do you have a cat that climbs your Christmas tree? I do and here is mine!

Any cat owner will relate and will adore (spoiler alert) slinky as the Christmas angel on top of the Christmas tree.

A great kiwi version with items that are known to New Zealanders and Māori. The story basket contains a pukeko and cabbage tree spoon and story disks from Once upon a story-NZ. The large disks are perfect for group times and the smaller for little hands and re-telling or singing the song.

Both books tell a summer Christmas with sun and sea. Santa has a kiwi vehicle to share the Christmas joy. I have not made a Christmas basket for either... YET! Maybe next year!!

Until next time.


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