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3 things that surprised me about a nonfiction story basket.

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

1. It's easier bringing a nonfiction book to life than you think!

2. The children led and added to the story basket more than fiction books.

3. Interest lasted longer than I thought it would. Children dipped in and out of it over a month.

This month in storybasketeers I created a challenge where members made a story basket for a nonfiction book. I had made one or two baskets based on a nonfiction book but this is a small percentage overall to the 200+ I have made for fiction books.

I am not sure why I have not made more. I guess I love a story and thought it was easier to bring a fiction book to life. This was where my first surprise came in as this turned out to be an untrue. I based the challenge on a simple inquiry model and after observing and listening to the interest and questions the children had I selected a book about the seashore (I did create another about another interest in sunflowers too).

These are the questions I noted that led to the story baskets.


"Why are they called a fish when they don't look like a fish"

"Are crabs good pets?"


Why do sunflowers grow so tall"

"Will a sunflower grow