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3 mantras to teach by (and live by).

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Over my 20 plus years of teaching I have found three mantras support me in my teaching and life: work smart not hard, 3 strikes and you are out and it’s not personal. I will explore each over the next few weeks and how they shape my teaching.

The first mantra is to work ‘smarter not harder’. This is about being efficient, effective and not necessarily easy. This mantra began during my studies as a teacher as I created or bought resources and had to write up assignments and reflect on my teaching.

When I made or bought a resource, I decided it had to have more than one use to be of value in my teaching and I still use this today. A good example is the recent purchase of Going on a bear hunt, sticker book. I bought it as I could see the book had many possibilities.

Story spoons made from the stickers in the bookk

Before I invest in a resource, I think about how may possible ways I can use it. For instance, the sticker and activity book for ‘Were going on a bear hunt’. I have the and yes, I could photocopy and create story spoons, story stones or story disks but this book has enough stickers at the right size to make all 3 now or at any time.