24 Christmas books for an advent calendar.

These are the 18 of mine and the children’s all-time favourite Christmas books.

I have them in my kete and links to where you can get them if you want to add to your collection. I am looking to find 5 or 6 more so that I can make notes or clues for this year’s advent calendar. I got a Christmas tree with drawers from Kmart. I could have used last years wall hanging but I am a sucker at Christmas. Are you?

I have collected a Chritsmas book each year I have taught and I have 18. This tells you how long I have been teaching….

My all-time favourite would have to be A Pukeko In a Ponga Tree by Ihaka Kingi perhaps because I have had it the longest and it has so many teaching and Christmas memories.

1. A Pukeko In a Ponga Tree by Ihaka Kingi is a favourite with the counting of kiwiana treats. An adaption of the popular song The Twelve Days of Christmas. This can easily be made into a magnet story too.

2. A Kiwi Night Before Christmas by Yvonne Morrison sees Santa dressed in singlet and shorts delivering gifts from a miniature tractor pulled by eight flying sheep.

3. A Kiwi Jingle Bells (Book + CD) by Yvonne Morrison reflects New Zealand sunny summer Christmas and holidays. A rollicking Kiwi version of a favourite Christmas song.

4. 12 dogs of Christmas is a counting book that will have you laughing and is great for dog lovers.

5. The very hungry caterpillars Christmas 123, a beautiful counting book with the very hungry caterpillar on each page.

6. Nanny Mihi’s Christmas, which is out of print. Some of the others in the series have just been re-released and hopefully this one will be too. Like her other stories the beauty of New Zealand is celebrated.

7. Penguin’s Christmas wish is a new addition to my collection from last year. It explores friendship and change.

8. Dear Santa is a beautiful Rod Campbell book that has the feel and flaps of Dear Zoo.

9. The Christmas tree tangle is a classic by Margret Mahy where a tangle in the tree happens with animals and mayhem.

10. There was an old lady who swallowed a star is a Christmas twist on favourite. the old lady swallows Christmas items. Including Santa!

11. Harry and the dinosaurs make a Christmas wish. Dinosaurs and a new friend that is wished for at Christmas.

12. Slinky Malinki's Christmas Crackers has all our favourite characters at Christmas time and there is some shenanigans!

13. Pavalova and presents. Celebrating Christmas in summer with sun, sea and pavlova.

14. Chimney-less at Christmas. How can Santa visit with no chimney?

15. A kiwi jingle bells. The traditional song with New Zealand Christmas items to enjoy.

16. We wish you and kiwi Christmas. Another traditional song but with a kiwi twist. You can get this one with a CD.

18. The classic golden book A night before Christmas is a childhood favourite.

I have six more to find! If you are keen on reading about my top 10 Kiwi Christmas books then last years post may interest you.

I am also doing story baskets for as many as possible and I will share them before the end of the month.

Until next time.


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