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12 story baskets to support and celebrate te reo Māori.

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

It is nearly Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori 2020 and thought it was timely to share story baskets I have created during the year to support and strengthen te reo Māori in the hope to inspire you to make one or five of your own!

The beauty of a story basket is that is has a book to support all those who are learning te reo Māori. The items in a story basket help to bring the book alive and I believe give more meaning and connection.

Ka kohi te toi, ka whai te maramatanga.

If knowledge is gathered, enlightenment will follow.

There are so many great books now for the beginner to the intermediate speaker so you can grow your kupu (vocabulary) and confidence.

Remembering the key to a good story basket is using a book that is familiar and the children have heard a few times or they have a strong interest within it.

Here are 12 story baskets I have selected from many more that I have made for the beginner, story basket maker and te reo Māori speaker to the more experienced. There are plenty more on This is why I teach .ec

The first books you may want to use are ones that are mainly in English with some Māori words added (is there a special name for this type of book?) like the