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10 easy Christmas invitations you can set up in minutes.

Not only are these invitations fast to set up they also use the same resources again and again making it economical too.

Christmas items used again and again:

Christmas bells,


Stars (wooden or cane),

Christmas material (jelly rolls with variety of prints, most economical),

Paper and cardboard (Christmas paper and recycled Christmas cards)


Wood cookies,


Pipe cleaners,


Playdough or clay.

No glue is used so the Christmas items can be used over and over again. If you want you can add glue for the Green triangles and then put them together to create a large collaborative Christmas tree. The wooden numbers aren't in my Christmas box and may need to put some in. The cardboard got a bit tatty at the end of the season and will make felt ones which will be more durable.

Buying all your resources in the sales makes them more economical and new for the following Christmas, like open a present. Material is expensive but well worth it as it can be washed and ironed (hahaha) and reused.

Playdough Christmas trees were a hit, I didn't use clay need to. The playdough could be used over and over until the week before Christmas and then were taken home. The natural invitation resources were less popular with the children which was interesting as teachers loved them.

Larger items are used here for younger children and the cloths are great for grids, transporting and positioning. There is an affliate link and if you use it I may get a small commission and it will cost you no extra.

I still have some room in my Christmas box and wonder what I will add this year! Open to suggestions also.

Until next time.



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